VAIMH Annual Membership

VAIMH Annual Membership Applications may be submitted online. The $60 membership fee, as well as any donations to VAIMH, may be made using PayPal (preferred) or by check/money order.

Group Memberships: For every 10 memberships paid at $60/member, 2 memberships are free.

Payments submitted for more than one individual may be made via PayPal or by check/money order using the Annual VAIMH Membership Payment Form, a fillable PDF that captures basic member information. (Directions are included in the online form.)

Please note that separate online VAIMH Annual Membership Forms need to be submitted for each individual listed on the Annual VAIMH Membership Payment Form you will mail with your check or money order.

Please contact Kristen Stahr, Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsement Support Coordinator with any questions.