Annual Renewal of the Infant Mental Health Endorsement® and VAIMH Membership

Endorsed professionals are required to renew their Endorsement on an annual basis to maintain Endorsement and keep their name on the Virginia Infant Mental Health Endorsement Registry.

Per Endorsement requirements, Endorsed professionals are also required to maintain membership in their state’s Association for Infant Mental Health (VAIMH) as part of the Annual Endorsement renewal process.

A) Annual Endorsement Renewal:

  • The Endorsement® cycle runs January 1st – December 31st
  • In order to maintain your name on the Infant Mental Health Active Endorsement® Registry, you must renew your Endorsement® by January 1st.
  • Renewals are submitted through the Endorsement Application System (EASy)
  • Annual Endorsement® renewal fee: $40.00.
  • Submit to the VAIMH Endorsement Coordinator documentation of 15 clock hours of training related to the knowledge and skill areas detailed in the Competency Guidelines.
  • Provide documentation of a minimum of 12 hours of ongoing Reflective Supervision/Consultation (Infant Family Specialists, Infant Mental Health Specialists, and Infant Mental Health Mentors).

B) Annual VAIMH Membership Renewal:

  • The VAIMH Membership cycle also runs January 1st – December 31st.
  • Membership applications can be submitted online via the VAIMH website.
  • Annual VAIMH Membership fee: $60.00.

If you have any questions or are unable to meet the requirements to renew your Endorsement® by the due date, please request guidance on how to apply for inactive status to maintain your Endorsement by emailing Pam Booker, Virginia Infant Mental Health Endorsement Coordinator, at